Wood Floor Restoration

The Importance in Selecting the Correct Products for Your Wood Floor

Being believers in only using products that we ourselves would use on our own floor, we thought we would share with you our very own project.

Our living room was once covered in a carpet that was constantly in need of being cleaned - luckily we have a carpet cleaning business that can do this - due to our dogs seeming to bring in half the garden with them whenever they went outside. We decided to take the carpet up and found that the floorboards under it were in decent condition>

Using our belt sander we sanded the pine floorboards flat then worked through the grits using the Pallmann Spider and decided to go for a standard finish using pall x325 primer and pall x96 lacquer in matt finish.

The floor itself looked lovely.

However, we have a large 45kg Dobermann and an excitable Welsh springer spaniel, the pine floor just wasn’t fit for purpose in our household.

Pine being a softwood and heavy dogs that like to do a dance on the floor every evening don’t mix. The floor was soon becoming dented and worn, the finish itself however had held up to the dogs - at this point, we could have re-sanded removing the indentations from claws and reapplied the finish or gone for a different floor.

It was around this time that Boris came on the news and told us all to work from home. This made our decision for us and while it was unsafe to work at other properties for a little while, we did indeed work from home. Using reclaimed parquet we were gifted from a beautiful restoration we had completed a few months before. We laid the herringbone parquet floor down which was much harder wood, sanded the floor through the grits giving a nice smooth finish and filled the gaps with a filler mixed with the 100 grit dust.

Next, we had to choose a finish that would be fit for purpose in our household. We decided on Pallmann Magic Oil 2k instead of a lacquer.

A lacquer sits on the surface of the wood, and although very strong and durable, over time of heavy dogs running around on the floor this would be damaged, meaning completely re-sanding and lacquering.

The Magic Oil 2k we selected is the perfect hybrid of natural oils and waxes that penetrate and protect the wood from within, also meaning if the floor was damaged we can either re-oil or sand the damaged area and oil without having to completely start again.

Our floor really is tested daily, dogs doing their little dances, dogs throwing their raw bones across the floor, the cat playing with toys along the floor and my wife walking through with muddy wellies after being at the horses.

17 months on and it’s still looking perfect! We clean it once a week with the aftercare products we provide all of our clients and ensure to sweep the floor in between.

So when we say we know how a product works, we not only know how it works but we often have first-hand experience on our own floors using it!


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