Terrazzo Floor Grinding

Terrazzo Floor Grinding for a Commercial Property - Case Study

In February 2019 we began work on a terrazzo floor in the soon to be new Heron Foods store in Oldbury.

There was around 328 square meter of terrazzo flooring consisting of the main shopping isle area and back corridors. All were covered in a thick layer cement, grout and adhesive from a previous floor that had been fitted over the top. To add to this the original installation was poor with some large lippage between the tiles that needed to be ground flat.

Test Patch

We had completed a test patch in the corridor a week earlier using our Hypergrinder Hyperlevi, 2 sets of metal bonded diamond abrasives and resin bonded diamond abrasives. This allowed us to determine the time and work needed to remove the cement, grout and adhesive and provide a smooth honed finish as required.

Beginning The Work

The project was extremely time sensitive. From us quoting on 12th feb the work needed to be completed and all fridges, freezer and tills installed ready for the opening on the 20th.

Due to the limited timescale we hired in larger 3 phase grinding equipment to help us ensure we completed the work on time.

What we hadn’t anticipated is that the empty room we had provided a timescale and quote on had already been filled with racking and freezers prior to our arrival. This made it much more difficult using the larger machines and having to move around the racking as we work.

The Process

The process required grinding the full floor using 2 sets of metal diamonds to remove the cement and remove the lippage on the tiles. We also used a solvent stripper to help break down the glue/adhesive then onto 3 sets of resin diamonds increasing in grits with each set, to remove the scratch pattern from the previous abrasive and finally 1 diamond polishing pad hg tripad 1 to ensure the correct honed finish finally sealing and using Klindex stone soap.

Project Complete

The project was completed on time, ready for the cleaning team to do the sparkly clean and the freezers to be filled for the big opening the very next day!

Hemmings Floor Restoration - Terrazzo Floor Covered in Cement
Hemmings Floor Restoration - completed terrazzo floor
Hemmings Floor Restoration - grinding terrazzo floor
Hemmings Floor Restoration - Before Restoration terrazzo floor
Hemmings Floor Restoration - terrazzo floor grind
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