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The Importance of Free After Care Advice and Products: Ensuring Lifelong Floor Satisfaction

At Hemmings Floor Restoration Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional floor restoration services to our valued clients. Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the completion of a project. We understand the significance of proper aftercare and maintenance for maintaining the beauty and longevity of restored floors. That’s why we offer free after care […]
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Marble Floor Restoration and Polishing: Revive the Elegance

Marble Floor Restoration and Polishing: Revive the Elegance Welcome to our comprehensive guide on marble floor restoration and polishing! In this article, we’ll explore the beauty of marble floors, the signs of wear and tear they may exhibit, and the importance of professional restoration. We’ll also introduce you to our company, Hemmings Floor Restoration, a […]

Magic Oil Pure Finish

Pallmann Magic Oil Pure: A Game-Changer for Achieving the Raw Sanded Look   At Hemmings Floor Restoration, we are constantly searching for innovative products that can help us achieve the desired finishes for our customers. Recently, we had the opportunity to test a new product called Pallmann Magic Oil Pure, specifically designed to provide a […]

The Benefits of Professional Floor Restoration: Why It’s Worth the Investment

The Benefits of Professional Floor Restoration: Why It’s Worth the Investment   Floors play a crucial role in the overall appearance and functionality of any space. From homes to offices, hotels to retail stores, maintaining the condition of your floors is essential. Over time, however, floors can start to show signs of wear and tear, […]
Hemmings Floor Restoration - Restoring FLoors in Chesterfield Crooked Spire

The Crooked Spire Church Floor Restoration

Case Study of the Church of St Mary’s and All Saints in Chesterfield (The Crooked Spire) The Church of St Mary’s and All Saints in Chesterfield is more commonly know as The Crooked Spire. This was the beautiful surrounding for our recent commercial wood floor restoration. The building of the church began in 1234AD, although […]
Hemmings Floor Resotration - Oak Floor Sanding and Oil

Magic Oil v 2K Lacquers – Which is Better?

Just how good are Magic Oils and 2k lacquers at protecting from stains? Wood Floor Refinishing – Which is better? A question we understandably get asked is how good are the finishes at protecting from stains? Here’s some information on a few types products that can be used to finish your floors. There are various […]
Hemmings Floor Restoration - Floor staining and finishing Lincoln

How to Lacquer/Varnish Pine Floorboards

Pine floorboard lacquering/varnishing   Congratulations! You’ve successfully followed the instructions on our “how to sand floorboards” blog and you’re ready to apply a finish on the floor to protect the floorboards.  Read This Blog Here   To stain or not to stain?  Now you have sanded your floorboards, they are mostly likely looking fairly pale and […]
Hemmings Floor Restoration - completed terrazzo floor

Terrazzo Floor Grinding

Terrazzo Floor Grinding for a Commercial Property – Case Study In February 2019 we began work on a terrazzo floor in the soon to be new Heron Foods store in Oldbury. There was around 328 square meter of terrazzo flooring consisting of the main shopping isle area and back corridors. All were covered in a […]
Hemmings Floor Restoration - Parquet Flooring Restoration

Parquet Flooring Restoration

Parquet Flooring Restoration Parquet flooring can come in many different pattern styles. The most common we tend to see are wood strip, basket weave, mosaic and our own personal favourite Herringbone parquet. We are fortunate to receive a lot of enquires to restore parquet wood flooring. The email normally starts with “we just purchased a […]
Hemmings Floor Restoration - Victorian Tiled Hallway Cleaned and Sealed

Victorian Tiled Floor Restoration Project

Case Study of a Victorian Tiled Floor Restoration Project in Birmingham In February 2020 before the pandemic took hold, Hemmings were referred by another floor restoration company in Birmingham to complete some repair work on a beautiful Victorian Minton tiled hallway. This hall had a concrete channel through the middle of the floor and up […]

How to Sand Pine Floorboards

How to Sand Floorboards  So you’ve taken up your carpet and underlay and realised you’ve got some lovely pine floorboards. Although the floorboards were designed to be the sub floor and supposed to have another type of flooring over the top such as carpet, wood floor or tiles for instance, it’s still possible and very […]

Sealing Natural Stone Tiled Floors

Sealing natural stone tiled floors   Sealing a natural stone floor whether it’s sandstone, limestone, marble, travertine or slate to name a few, is important for helping protect the stone from stains, dirt and water soaking into the stone which could cause damage, as well as making the floors far easier to keep clean.   […]
Hemmings Floor Restoration - Oak Parquet

Wood Floor Restoration – The importance of selecting the correct products for your floor

Wood Floor Restoration The Importance in Selecting the Correct Products for Your Wood Floor Being believers in only using products that we ourselves would use on our own floor, we thought we would share with you our very own project. Our living room was once covered in a carpet that was constantly in need of […]


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