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Pallmann Magic Oil Pure: A Game-Changer for Achieving the Raw Sanded Look


At Hemmings Floor Restoration, we are constantly searching for innovative products that can help us achieve the desired finishes for our customers. Recently, we had the opportunity to test a new product called Pallmann Magic Oil Pure, specifically designed to provide a raw sanded appearance. In this blog post, we will share our experience with this new product and discuss its potential as a game-changer in the world of wood floor restoration.


The Challenge of the Raw Sanded Look

As a leading provider of wood floor finishes, we have found that Magic Oil and Magic Oil Ergo with colour concentration are among the most popular choices for our customers. However, one challenge we encountered was achieving the raw sanded look with these existing products. While they offered excellent finishes, they fell short in providing the desired raw appearance.

Introducing Pallmann Magic Oil Pure

With the introduction of Pallmann Magic Oil Pure, we saw an opportunity to overcome this limitation. We decided to put this new product to the test and evaluate if it could deliver the finish we had been striving for.


The Testing Process

To evaluate the effectiveness of Pallmann Magic Oil Pure, we selected several pieces of wood and followed a standardised process. We began by sanding all the pieces and then water popped them. Next, we applied Magic Oil Pure to half of a larger board, leaving the other half untreated. Similarly, we treated one of two small pieces and left the other untreated.


The Results

Upon examining the larger board, we noticed a slight colour tone in certain lighting conditions. However, overall, the board looked fantastic and exhibited a lighter sanded appearance, which was a significant improvement compared to the previous products. On the smaller pieces, it was challenging to distinguish between the treated and untreated wood, indicating a resounding success with Magic Oil Pure.

The Advantages for Our Customers

The emergence of Pallmann Magic Oil Pure offers a remarkable option for our customers who desire the raw sanded look while benefiting from the added protection that Magic Oil provides. By incorporating this product into our range, we can now deliver a finish that aligns perfectly with our customers' preferences.


Future Tests and Prospects

Encouraged by the results of our initial tests, we are eager to explore the capabilities of Pallmann Magic Oil Pure on darker and more exotic wood species. This will allow us to assess its versatility and determine its compatibility with a wider range of projects.



In our pursuit of the raw sanded look, Pallmann Magic Oil Pure has emerged as a promising solution. Our testing has shown that this innovative product can deliver the desired appearance while preserving the protective benefits associated with Magic Oil. We are excited to introduce Magic Oil Pure to our customers and expand our range of finishes to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.


Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to explore the possibilities offered by Pallmann Magic Oil Pure. For more information about our wood floor restoration services and the products we use, please contact us.


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