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The Importance of Free After Care Advice and Products: Ensuring Lifelong Floor Satisfaction

At Hemmings Floor Restoration Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional floor restoration services to our valued clients. Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the completion of a project. We understand the significance of proper aftercare and maintenance for maintaining the beauty and longevity of restored floors. That's why we offer free after care advice and products to all our clients, as well as the opportunity to purchase additional products from us in the future. In this blog, we will explore the reasons behind our comprehensive aftercare approach and explain the benefits of using the correct aftercare on restored floors.


Why We Provide Free After Care Advice and Products

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Client for Life Approach


At Hemmings, we believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We consider each client as a valued member of our floor restoration family. By providing free after care advice and products, we aim to create a sense of trust, loyalty, and reliability. Our goal is to become your go-to resource for all your floor care needs, ensuring a lifelong partnership that extends beyond a single restoration project.

Preserving the Beauty and Longevity of Restored Floors


After investing in a floor restoration project, it's crucial to maintain the beauty and longevity of the restored floor. Proper aftercare plays a vital role in preserving the floor's aesthetics and protecting it from wear and tear. Our expert team understands the unique characteristics of different flooring materials and can provide tailored advice on maintenance routines, cleaning techniques, and suitable products. By following our aftercare recommendations, you can enjoy the stunning results of your restored floor for years to come.


Education and Empowerment


We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge and understanding. Our free after care advice serves as an educational resource, equipping you with the necessary tools to care for your restored floor effectively. We take the time to explain the specifics of your floor type, the potential risks it may face, and the best practices to maintain its pristine condition. With our guidance, you can confidently undertake the necessary care and cleaning routines, knowing that you are well-informed and supported by our expertise.


Convenience and Accessibility


By providing our clients with their first after care product for free, we aim to make the maintenance process as convenient and accessible as possible. We understand that locating the right products for your restored floor can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That's why we offer a range of high-quality after care products, readily available for purchase on our website. Our online shop ensures easy access to the products specifically recommended for your floor type, saving you the hassle of searching for suitable options elsewhere.

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The Benefits of Correct After Care on Restored Floors


Preservation of Aesthetic Appeal


Proper aftercare ensures the preservation of your floor's aesthetic appeal. Regular cleaning and maintenance routines, along with the use of recommended products, help prevent the buildup of dirt, grime, and stains. By addressing spills and messes promptly and using appropriate cleaning techniques, you can maintain the floor's original beauty, colour vibrancy, and lustre.


Protection against Damage


Correct aftercare significantly reduces the risk of damage to your restored floor. Different flooring materials have specific vulnerabilities, such as sensitivity to moisture, scratches, or chemical agents. Our aftercare advice includes preventive measures to mitigate these risks. By implementing these precautions and using suitable cleaning products, you can safeguard your floor against avoidable damage, extending its lifespan.


Cost-Effective Maintenance


Investing in proper aftercare is a cost-effective approach to floor maintenance. By following our advice and using the recommended products you can minimise the need for extensive repairs or restoration in the future. Regular care and maintenance can prevent issues that might require costly interventions, ultimately saving you time and money. We are also happy to provide you with maintenance quotes to keep your floor looking it's best.


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