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Terracotta Tiled Floor Restoration

Terracotta tiles in their natural state absorb water very quickly and easily, which make them susceptible to rot and mould, so often, terracotta tiles are sealed to help protect them from damage. Terracotta does require regular and effective maintenance and cleaning. How can we help with this?

Hemmings can strip off any old sealer, deep clean your terracotta tiled floor and seal the floor - with the option of a colour enhancing sealer or natural sealer. We also provide you with after care advice for easier maintenance to keep your floor looking great. 

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Hemmings Floor Restoration - Terracotta Tiled Floor Deep Clean

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Hemmings is fully trained and insured and use state of the art equipment that is regularly serviced. 

Hemmings Floor Restoration - Terracotta Tiled Floor Clean

Professional Stone and Tiled Floor Cleaning

We clean and restore natural stone and tiled floors throughout the midlands area, including Nottingham, Derbyshire, Sheffield, Retford, Lincoln and Leicester. If we don't cover your area, we can help you find someone who does! 

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After Care Advice

All of our clients receive free after care advice and a cleaning solution to help keep their floors looking great in the future. 

Professional Stone/Tiled Floor Cleaning & Sealing

Hemmings Floor Restoration - Terracotta Tiled Floor Restoration

Terracotta Tiled Floors

Terracotta tiles are also made from clay, usually red and brown clays. The processes in which terracotta tiles are made, make them hard and durable enough to serve as flooring. There are plenty of off shelf products that often won't break through old topical sealer, so we would recommend you get a professional terracotta tiled floor cleaning company in to do a "reset" clean and seal. We can strip off any old sealer that has been put on the floor in the past. There is the option to use a colour enhancing sealer or a natural sealer. If you are unsure how sealing a floor can help you maintain it, take a look at our blog on sealing natural stone floors. 

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